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How long for set up one standard e-Business system of eComBotB2B?
Normally, it takes about 1 - 4 weeks, depending on your readiness of installations such as web page redesign and your data preparation.


Can we modify eComBotB2B's standard e-Business system?
Yes, you can modify them upon your requirement. However, it should base on our standard database structure otherwise we must make a new development for you. This modification would be charged upon their complexity.


Does the eComBotB2B's standard e-Business include web and database server?
Yes, the standard price has already included one web server for storing your web pages and provide you only the standard database space (not the database server) which you can expand it later in case it's not enough for using.


Could we connect our programs and servers with eComBotB2B's system?
Yes, you can connect your programs to our system which we will provide you some parameters for sending the required value to our servers. Also, you can download your data from our servers to your server.


Could we buy your eComBotB2B's e-Business system to run on our servers?
Yes, you could buy but we need to quote a new price for you. This total charge depends on your type of business and your required modification.


If we want you to develop a new e-Business system, how much does it cost?
We can't specify an exact price because it depends on its complexity.


How can we trust you about security?
Our systems are running behind the high secure firewall servers and transmitting data by encrypting with the SSL 128 bits. We have experience for more than 6 years in e-commerce which need a high secure system.


Can we add more data of customers, products, transactions, etc.?
Yes, you can. We have the automatic system to help you adding database space for your customers, products, transactions and a lot more which you can handle it by yourself.


Can it use in the e-Government system?
Yes, it can. Because e-Business and e-Government system are based on the same concept, so it's flexible for using with the e-Government transformation of all government organizations.


Does the eComBotB2B's e-Business system can serve all kinds of product and / or customer?
Yes, it can serve you almost every kind of product and/or customer. In case the standard version could not serve, we can modify it to fit your need.


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