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  e-Bill Presentment & Payment

e-Business Strategic Purposes
To run your Bill Presentment & Payment system and send your customers bills in the electronic form (instead of paper) on the Internet. This system can help you economically and automatically issue bills, collect them, and also issue online short-form receipts after successfully getting payments.


e-Business Benefits

  • Reduce your costs of billing, bill-collecting, and receipt-issuing processes and management.
  • Reduce errors of manual data transfer process.
  • Facilitate your customers to pay their bills via the Internet.
  • Cut down your lead-time of getting payments and increase your speed of cash flows.
  • Make your organization look technologically advanced, and build up your organization image.
  • Allow you to transfer data to other e-Business programs. This will increase your overall productivity.

e - B i l l   P r e s e n t m e n t   &   P a y m e n t   P r o c e s s
e-Bill Presentment e-Bill Payment e-Receipt
Data Transfer

Hi-Li e-Business Functions

  • Allow you to establish your own customer database.
  • Allow you to display your organization logo on both a bill and a receipt.
  • Allow you to select a style of bill and receipt.
  • Allow you to choose an online payment method.
  • Allow you to transfer data to your back-office management system.
  • Allow you to add and edit your customer and transaction database.
  • Allow you to make a direct connectivity with your e-commerce system.
  • Allow you to design your own styles of web pages to cover this e-Billing system.

  e-Billing Demo Sites
If you would like to learn more how our e-Bill Presentment & Payment system works, please click here to see a Simple e-Billing Demo Site.
Prices (USD)
Pack Customers Bills/Transactions Setup Fee Monthly Fee
eBill I 100 20,000 450.- 450.-
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Payment & Installation Conditions

  • The above price does not include VAT.
  • The Customers are the highest numbers of customer records allowed.
  • The Bills/Transactions are the highest numbers of all customers' bills and transactions allowed to be stored on eComBotB2B database.
  • The eBill I comes with one E1 economy host.

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