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e-Business Strategic Purposes
e-CRM (electronic Customer Relationship Management) can help you keep track of every move of your suspects, prospects, new customers, existing customers, and even old or ex-customers. The system also serves as "Customer Relationship Tools" or "Customer Stickiness Tools" for boosting your sales volume.


e-Business Benefits

  • Allow you to learn more about your customer behavior.
  • Allow you to deploy the right marketing strategies to the right groups of customers.
  • Increase your sales volume and reduce your marketing costs by encouraging your existing customers to repeat purchases.
  • Foresee and prevent problems from happening to your customers, and allow you to tackle problems right to the point once they occur.
  • Help you transform suspects to prospects, and from prospects to new customers by ability to identify what their specific needs are.

e - C R M   S t r a t e g i e s
C-Evolution   E-Activities Management
Suspects   Target
e-Mailing List > Segmentation > Direct e-Mail
Prospects   Acqire
Information Sent > Demo > Trial > Negotiation
Customers   Retain ==> Relationship
Welcome e-mail > Follow-up > Make them feel valued
Buy one > Buy more > Repeat order > Tell their friends

Hi-Li e-Business Functions

  • Allow you to identify your target groups and establish their database.
  • Enable you to analyze customer needs and behavior.
  • Enable you to deploy specific marketing strategies or mass customized strategies to specific groups of customers.
  • Allow you to use an automatic mailing list system.
  • Allow you to transfer data to your back-office management system.
  • Allow you to add and edit your customer and transaction database.
  • Allow you to make a direct connectivity with your e-commerce system.


e-CRM Demo Sites
If you would like to learn more how our e-CRM system works, please click here to see a Simple e-CRM Demo Site.

Prices (USD)
Pack Customers Products Needs/Transactions Setup Fee Monthly Fee
eCRM I 500 500 20,000 550.- 550.-
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Payment & Installation Conditions

  • The above price does not include VAT.
  • 2. The Customers are the highest numbers of customer records allowed.
  • 3. The Needs/Transactions are the highest numbers of all customers' needs and transactions allowed to be stored on eComBotB2B database.
  • The eCRM I comes with one E2 economy host.

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