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e-Business Strategic Purposes
Designed for those who want to have their own Cyber Mall or e-Shopping Mall consisting of a number of e-Stores. They can make money from the rental fees of e-Stores, transaction fees, and/or advertisement.


e-Business Benefits

  • To be your new choice of e-business opportunities.
  • To be your new strategic channel that sells your products and services.
  • To be a place where you can test your new products/services and prices.
  • Can be expanded to be an e-Marketplace and an e-Procurement center.
  • Build up your organization image.

e - M a l l   S y s t e m
 e-Store 1 
 Web Site 
e-Store 2
e-Store 3
e-Store ?

Hi-Li e-Business Functions

  • Have a control panel to control and monitor your e-Store members and their activities.
  • Have the full functions of e-commerce system, including shopping cart, payment, transportation, and order tracking systems.
  • Allow you to design your own styles of web pages to cover this e-Mall and the templates of e-Stores.
  • Allow you to transfer data to your back-office management system.

  e-Mall Demo Sites
If you would like to learn more how our e-Mall system works, please see our real system for generating e-Stores to support e-Mall Sites at eComBotThailand and eComBotJapan.
Prices (USD)
Pack e-Stores Products Transactions Setup Fee Monthly Fee
eMall I 100 5,000 10,000 550.- 550.-
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Payment & Installation Conditions

  • The above price does not include VAT.
  • The e-Stores are the highest numbers of customers' e-Stores allowed.
  • The Products are the highest numbers of all e-Stores' products allowed.
  • The Transactions are the highest numbers of all e-Stores' transactions allowed to be stored on eComBotB2B™ database.
  • The eMall I comes with one E3 economy host.

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