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e-Business Strategic Purposes
Designed for helping you set up your own e-Procurement Center on the Internet for your group of companies or your alliances. This allows you to build up your negotiation power to your suppliers to get low costs of supplies and materials.


e-Business Benefits

  • Reduce your costs of procurement process and management.
  • Allow you to find suppliers who can serve you the lowest prices or highest cost-effective products/materials.
  • Allow you to have the power to get a big discount from a supplier when purchasing a big consolidated volume of products/materials.
  • Allow you to get more power of negotiation with a joint-purchase activity with your alliances.
  • Enable you control your inventory at its lowest level (or even at zero level) because your suppliers can see through it and always know when they should prepare their production or respond to you at Just-In-Time (JIT).
  • Allow your suppliers to help you control your inventory by taking responsibility to replenish it at the most appropriate level.

e - P r o c u r e m e n t   P r o c e s s
1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th
Identify Need   Sign On   Access Authorized Catalogue   Select Items   Approve Requisition   Create Purchase Order (PO)
7th   8th   9th   10th   11th   12th
Transmit   Vendor Receives PO   Query REquisition Status   Goods Shipped   Receive Invoice   Pay Invoice

Hi-Li e-Business Functions

  • Enable you to establish your own members, both buyer and supplier sides.
  • Allow you to select a supplier in an open environment or an exclusive supplier in a closed environment.
  • Allow you to make a sole purchase of your required products/materials, or make a joint-purchase with other buyer members.
  • Allow you to set up a reorder point in relation with a level of inventory. The system can then automatically issue a purchase order for you.
  • Allow you to purchase a product or material by way of bargaining, biding or fixed-pricing.
  • Allow you to design your own styles of web pages to cover this e-Procurement system.

  e-Procurement Demo Sites
Click here to learn more how our e-Procurement system works, and to see our Simple e-Procurement Demo Site.
Prices (USD)
Pack Members Products Transactions Setup Fee Monthly Fee
ePro I 100 300 10,000 550.- 550.-
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Payment & Installation Conditions

  • The above price does not include VAT.
  • The Members are the highest numbers of buyers and suppliers allowed.
  • The Products and Transactions are the highest numbers of all products and transactions allowed to be stored on eComBotB2B™ database.
  • The ePro I comes with one E2 economy host.

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