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  e-Supply Chain Management

e-Business Strategic Purposes
Designed for increasing the efficiency of logistics, production, distribution and other related activities via the use of the Internet. Actually, the e-Supply Chain is the mixes or integration of e-Procurement System, e-Billing System and other e-Business tools. It enhances you, your suppliers and your distributors to automatically manage the specifications, quantity, costs and delivery time of materials and products with higher productivity.


e-Business Benefits

  • Reduce your costs of logistics, production, procurement and distribution, while having better control of processes and management.
  • Enable you to find suppliers who give you the lowest prices or high cost-effective products/materials.
  • With the information see-through effect, it allows every party involved to make their preparation in advance and instant responses upon the acquiring time.
  • Enable you control your inventory at its lowest level (or even at zero level) because your suppliers and distributors can see through it and always know when they should prepare their production or respond to you at Just-In-Time (JIT).
  • Allow your suppliers to help you control your inventory by taking responsibility to replenish it at the most appropriate level.
  • Help you easily handle your back-office management.

e - S u p p l y   C h a i n   &   S t r u c t u r e

Hi-Li e-Business Functions

  • Enable you to establish your own members, both distributor and supplier sides.
  • Can be integrates with e-Procurement, e-Bill Presentment and Payment and other e-Business tools of eComBotB2B™.
  • Can be connected with your back-office management system.
  • Can process on the high secure host and the VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Enable you to design your own styles of web pages to cover the look of this system.


We will make a quotation upon your request. Please e-mail us your requirements at .

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