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  What is eComBotB2B™ ?

eComBotB2B™ is the "Ready-made e-Business Tools & Solutions" for easily and rapidly transforming your organization to become the e-Business or Click & Mortar or Brick & Click organization. Also, these tools can help you quickly seize new pop-up business opportunities in the dramatic change of the digital economy world.

All the eComBotB2B' Tools & Solutions are designed as the "Ready-made e-Business Applications Service Provider (e-BASP or B2BASP)" which you can rent all e-Business Software and Hardware from us by running on our secure system. That means you don't need to take any risks from investing a lot of money on your own software and hardware in your office.

Now, e-Business Tools & Solutions consist of e-Procurement System, e-Billing System, e-CRM System, e-Supply Chain Management System, e-Marketplace System, e-Mall & e-Stores System and e-Xhibition System which you can use them either as stand-alone system or integration system. These applications are run on our secure e-business web and database servers which you can manage them via web browser based editors.

We also provide you a web server under your own IP address and domain name which you can design your own style home page and other web pages. Then just map or link them with our e-business applications, you will get the complete your e-business service to serve your customers or your organization. Of course, we can customize these applications as your requirement.

Our eComBotB2B™ Tools & Solutions can serve both of B2B and B2C activities or even the e-Government activities. So, please tell us what kind of e-Business or e-Government activities which you want to fulfill.

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