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  What It Serves ?

At present, the e-Business Applications and Solutions which eComBotB2B™ can serve you are as follows :


  • e-Billing System is the e-Bill Presentment & Payment system which runs on the internet. This system can help you economically and automatically collecting your bills and issuing your short-form online receipts.

  • e-Procurement System for helping you set up your own e-Procurement Center on the internet among your group of companies or your alliances in order to build up your negotiation power with your suppliers and get some low cost of your supplies and materials.

  • e-CRM (electronic Customer Relationship Management) can help you to keep your eyes on every moves of your suspects, prospects, new customers existing customers and even your old or ex-customers. The system also serve you as "Customer Relationship Tools" or "Customer Stickiness Tools" for boosting your sales volume.

  • e-Supply Chain System is the mixes or integration of e-Procurement System, e-Billing System and other e-Business tools to be the chain of supply which you and your suppliers can automatically manage the specification, quantity, cost and delivery time of your supplied product or material with higher efficiency.

  • e-Marketplace System is designed to facilitate who want to build your own e-Marketplace or "Buy & Sell Center", for example, Rice e-Marketplace, Gems e-Marketplace, etc., which they can make money from the rental fee of sellers and buyers, transaction fee or advertising fee.

  • e-Mall & e-Stores System is for whom want to have their own Cyber Mall or e-Shopping Mall which including a lot of e-Stores. They can get a revenue from the rental fee of these e-Stores or from the transaction fee and advertisement.

  • e-Xhibition System is the Online or Virtual Exhibition Facilities which can help some companies or organizations who want to be the Exhibition or Fair Organizer or set up their Exhibition on the internet.


These are the first step e-Business applications which came out from our non-stop R&D. For more than 6 years in the internet business, we have worked very hard to create and develop the new robotic or automatic e-commerce and e-business software in order to help you save your cost and easily adapt yourself to the new world of business as quickly as you can.

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