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  Why You Need It ?

As one of e-pioneers in the e-market for more than 6 years, we dare to confirm you that a next wave of changes from now on is so big and so hard to overcome. It is coming with a high speed of business automation management. Most of business activities both inside and between organizations are and will be automatically running on the Internet and its network of networks. Hence, tangible paperwork eventually will not be available, and non-value added personnel, trading partners, and processes will be cut. The costs of communications will also be lowered down, and other high nonsense costs will be eliminated.

The driving force behind this big change is the "Knowledge of Customers". Online buyers now have more choices of products and services to choose from on the Internet. If you don't have a high-value product or service to offer, you can sell nothing. Even you offer a wanted product or service, you may somehow have to lower down your price to compete with competition from around the world who offer the same thing in this transparent e-market. So the only ways to survive are to keep your management costs as low as possible and expand your markets as much as you can.

Now the best-practiced companies have chosen to equip their organizations with e-business tools or use the Internet as their strategic infrastructure and booster. For example, they cut their management costs by using e-Procurement Tool, e-Billing System, and setting up their own e-Supply Chain. At the same time they build up their sales volume by setting up an
e-Marketplace, e-Mall, and/or e-Xhibition (Online Exhibition). They handle and deal with their valued customers by using e-CRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management).

All of the listed e-Business tools and solutions above are the focus of eComBotB2B™, which helps you get through the first stage of your e-Business transformation. When it comes to the second the third and the endless stages of "e" evolution processes, be sure that we will be by your side providing e-Business tools and solutions needed to help you get through all necessary steps to be ahead of your competition.

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